Philophobia– Concern about shedding in love or being crazy

Philophobia– Concern about shedding in love or being crazy

Paraphobia– Concern with intimate perversion

Pagophobia– Anxiety about freeze otherwise frost. Panthophobia– Anxiety about suffering and you will problem. Panophobia or Pantophobia– Concern about what you. Papaphobia- Concern with the newest Pope. Paralipophobia– Concern about forgetting duty or obligation. Parasitophobia– Fear of parasitic organisms. Paraskavedekatriaphobia– Anxiety about Saturday the 13th. Parthenophobia– Fear of virgins otherwise little girls. Pathophobia– Concern with state. Patroiophobia– Fear of inheritance. Parturiphobia– Fear of childbearing. Peccatophobia– Concern about sinning otherwise fictional criminal activities. Pediculophobia– Concern with lice. Pediophobia– Anxiety about dolls. Pedophobia– Concern about pupils. Peladophobia– Anxiety about bald some body.. Peniaphobia– Concern with impoverishment. Phagophobia– Concern about swallowing otherwise regarding dinner or to be ate. Phalacrophobia– Concern with to be hairless. Phallophobia– Concern with a dick, esp upright. Pharmacophobia– Concern with providing medicine. Phasmophobia– Concern with ghosts. Phengophobia– Concern with daylight otherwise sunshine. Philemaphobia or Philematophobia– Anxiety about making out. . Phobophobia– Concern about fears. Photoaugliaphobia– Concern with blazing lighting. Photophobia– Concern with white. Phonophobia– Anxiety about noises or sounds otherwise an individual’s own voice; out-of telephones. Phronemophobia– Concern with thought. Phthiriophobia– Fear of lice Phthisiophobia– Fear of tuberculosis. Placophobia- Anxiety about tombstones. Plutophobia– Fear of riches.. Pneumatiphobia– Anxiety about morale. Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia– Concern about choking of being smothered. Pogonophobia– Fear of beards.. Polyphobia– Concern with a lot of things. Poinephobia– Fear of discipline. Ponophobia– Anxiety about overworking or from discomfort.. Potophobia– Fear of liquor. Pharmacophobia– Concern with drugs. Proctophobia– Fear of rectums. Prosophobia– Anxiety about advances. Psellismophobia– Concern with stuttering. Psychophobia– Concern about brain. Psychrophobia– Concern with cool. Pteromerhanophobia– Concern with traveling. Pteronophobia– Concern about becoming tickled by feathers. Pupaphobia – Concern with puppets. Pyrexiophobia– Concern with Fever. Pyrophobia– Anxiety about flames.

Sexophobia– Fear of the opposite sex

Radiophobia– Concern about radiation, x-radiation. Ranidaphobia– Anxiety about frogs. Rectophobia– Fear of rectum or rectal problems. Rhabdophobia– Anxiety about are really penalized or slammed.

Samhainophobia: Anxiety about Halloween party. Sarmassophobia– Fear of like Round Rock TX escort girls gamble. Satanophobia– Concern about Satan. Scabiophobia– Concern with scabies. Scatophobia- Concern with fecal matter. Scelerophibia– Concern about crappy people, burglars. Sciophobia or Sciaphobia– Concern about shadows. Scoleciphobia– Anxiety about worms. Scolionophobia– Concern about college or university. Scopophobia otherwise Scoptophobia– Anxiety about being seen or stared during the. Scotomaphobia– Concern about loss of sight for the graphic job. Scotophobia– Concern about darkness. (Achluophobia) Scriptophobia– Concern with creating in public places. Selachophobia– Concern with whales. Selaphobia– Concern with white flashes. Seplophobia– Anxiety about decaying number. Sesquipedalophobia– Concern with a lot of time terminology. Sitophobia or Sitiophobia– Concern with dining or eating. (Cibophobia) Snakephobia– Fear of snakes. Social Fear– Anxiety about being analyzed negatively inside the personal things. Sociophobia– Concern about community or people in general. Somniphobia– Anxiety about sleep. Sophophobia– Anxiety about understanding. Soteriophobia – Concern with need for anybody else.. Spectrophobia– Concern with specters or ghosts. Spermatophobia otherwise Spermophobia– Concern with micro-organisms. Spheksophobia– Concern about wasps. Staurophobia– Fear of crosses or the crucifix. Stenophobia– Concern with thin anything otherwise towns and cities. Stygiophobia otherwise Stigiophobia– Anxiety about hell. Suriphobia– Concern about mice. Symbolophobia– Fear of symbolization. Symmetrophobia– Anxiety about proportion. Syngenesophobia– Fear of family. Syphilophobia– Concern with syphilis.

Tachophobia– Concern with rate. Taeniophobia or Teniophobia- Anxiety about tapeworms. Taphephobia otherwise Taphophobia– Concern with being hidden alive otherwise out-of cemeteries. Tapinophobia– Fear of being infectious. Technophobia– Anxiety about technology. Teratophobia– Concern about influence good misshapen boy otherwise concern about creatures otherwise misshapen people. Testophobia– Concern about providing examination. Tetanophobia- Concern with lockjaw, tetanus. Textophobia– Anxiety about certain textiles. Thanatophobia or Thantophobia– Concern with demise otherwise passing away. Theatrophobia– Concern about theatres. Theologicophobia– Concern with theology. Theophobia– Fear of gods or faith. Thermophobia– Concern with temperatures. Tocophobia– Concern about maternity otherwise childbearing. Tomophobia– Anxiety about surgical surgery. Tonitrophobia– Concern with thunder. Topophobia– Concern with specific metropolitan areas or situations, for example phase fright. Toxiphobia, Toxophobia or Toxicophobia– Concern with poison or being accidently poisoned . Traumatophobia– Anxiety about burns. Tremophobia- Fear of trembling. Trichopathophobia otherwise Trichophobia– Fear of hair. (Chaetophobia, Hypertrichophobia) Triskaidekaphobia– Anxiety about the quantity thirteen. Tropophobia– Concern about swinging or and also make change. Trypanophobia– Concern with treatments. Tuberculophobia– Fear of tuberculosis. Tyrannophobia– Concern about tyrants.

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