Brand new Metacognition Questionnaire try a great 65-item size always gauge the opinions men and women have about their considering

Brand new Metacognition Questionnaire try a great 65-item size always gauge the opinions men and women have about their considering

They include four things: positive proper care philosophy (“Worrying facilitate me to avoid troubles in the future”), viewpoints regarding uncontrollability and danger (“My personal worrying is actually harmful for my situation”), intellectual skills (“I have nothing believe in my recollections for terms and you can names”), general bad philosophy (“Basically did not manage a distressing envision, after which it happened, it will be my fault”), and you may cognitive mind-understanding (“I believe a great deal about my opinion”). The latest metacognition questionnaire was obtained in the a great cuatro area measure from step one (“do not agree”) so you’re able to 4 (“agree a whole lot”) along with good Chronbach’s alpha = .88. The new metacognition survey has been used commonly inside low-medical trials particularly cigarette smokers and you will students [forty-two, 45]. A complete rating try determined to make a catalog from metacognition for every fellow member.

The Compulsive-Fanatical Directory try an excellent 42-product self-declaration survey, evaluating the seriousness of some obsessions and you may compulsions out-of OCD during the grownups . The fresh new fanatical-compulsive inventory contains eight subscales that include washing (“We wash my give more frequently otherwise longer than required”), checking (“I go back again to locations so as that I have maybe not harmed someone”), denying (“Regardless if I really do something very carefully I believe which isn’t a bit proper”), ordering (“I have upset in the event the someone else enjoys altered how i keeps build my personal some thing”), obsessing (“I find challenging to control my advice”), hoarding (“I collect one thing I do not you want”), and you may neutralising (“I believe I need to recite particular numbers”). This index was obtained for the a great cuatro area Likert scale, from just one (“not”) so you’re able to cuatro (“extremely”) along with a good Chronbach’s alpha = .88. A complete get try computed to make you to score per new member linked to O-C attacks.


A chance attempt from college students took part in the research. Participants had been first and foremost given information about the analysis and provided the opportunity to seek advice regarding it. Immediately following providing consent, for each participant offered demographic pointers, immediately after which was in fact served with the latest five questionnaires for the a beneficial counterbalanced order to answer within their own date. In the event that fellow member done he or she is thanked and debriefed. Most of the materials and procedures implemented brand new moral guidelines and functions detailed by Western Psychological Connection and you can was looked and you may approved from the University out of Hertfordshire stability committee (Number:14149216).


Research is actually screened to own shed opinions, outliers and you may assumptions away from analytical study before people study . Every variables had appropriate thinking for skewness and kurtosis no high outliers. Bivariate correlations of one’s many every calculated indexes revealed positive and you may high connectivity between them (Table 1). The best organization is actually involving the indexes out of state and you may trait stress, followed by the brand new relationship anywhere between anxiety sensitivity, metacognition and you can O-C periods.

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Our first prediction was that metacognition and anxiety (state and trait) would be significant predictors of O-C symptoms. Consistent with our expectations all variables were associated to O-C symptoms in significant and positive correlations (all ps < .001) [24, 30, 33].

In order to investigate the relative importance of each of the computed index on the prediction of O-C symptoms all the indexes were used as simultaneous predictors of O-C symptoms in a multivariate regression analysis. Results revealed that metacognition was the best predictor of O-C symptoms (? = .41, p < .001), followed by trait anxiety (? = .21, p < .05), state anxiety (? = .16, p = .08), and anxiety sensitivity (? = .04, p = .63). The overall model resulted significant, R 2 = .49, F(4, 151) = , p < .001). Although previous research indicated that anxiety sensitivity is a good predictor of O-C symptoms , the inclusion of the other variables reduced its effect to a non-significant level.

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